Who Is Trevor Maddux?
Trevor Maddux has created and help build multiple multi-million dollar companies and was crucial in helping grow a multi-billion dollar company. He has managed anywhere from 1 person (himself) to thousands of people at a time. He has successfully learned how to go from 0 to 1 and 1 to exponential multiple times in different industries. Any place he has worked, Trevor has been able to obtain top in industry performance. All while having the dream life with his beautiful wife and kids. 

Currently, Trevor is the founder and CEO of Cransten Handyman and Construction, specializing in click and order handyman services as well as smart home solutions. Trevor is different from most gurus and coaches in that he is a full time entrepreneur and shares content and knowledge more as a way to give back than as a primary source of income.

First and foremost, Trevor Maddux is a family man dedicated to loving and raising his family, but he is also dedicated to obtaining excellence and helping as many people as possible obtain excellence in everything they do in life. 
What is All Star Development Systems?
Why All Star Development Systems?
Trevor Maddux created All Star Development Systems after years of trial and error and doing everything he could to find the answers. The systems taught within this training will help anyone who applies the principles contained obtain top 5% results in ANYTHING they do. Whether in business, personal life, professional sports, or anything else, you can obtain these results by applying the systems contained in our training.  
All Star Development Systems: The Formula to Being in the Top 5% in Anything
The Top 5% does not mean we need to be perfect. Top 5% does imply we are performing at an All Start Level for whatever we do. Yes, Success is systematic and can be applied to any discipline and any aspect of life. 

All Star Development Systems was created to be able to help anyone looking to get in and stay in the top 5% for anything they do. The principles here are not easy as no true success is easy, but they do work. If you apply them, you will attain results and be grateful for the principles you have learned. 
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In the age of Social Media, Ghost Writers, Bloggers and countless other platforms that allow people to teach information that they have no idea about and have zero evidence in their own lives that it actually works; Trevor Maddux stands in Stark contrast. I have met very few people in my life with the relentless grit that Trevor has.

This is someone who can sell lights out, recruit an army of loyal sales reps, and can do so over and over again.

I had the pleasure of working side by side with Trevor from ages 20 to about 23 and the sales, recruiting, and culture building skills that I learned from Trevor were able to be put into real workable results.

By 24 I was making several hundred thousand dollars in sales and management. Now at age 28 I am the founder and owner of 3 companies trending $10 million in annual sales in 2018 and posturing to blow that out of the water next year. The best part is that we have taken no outside investment capital and are completely self-funded.

I attribute a great deal of my success in business to my friend Trevor Maddux and I would recommend him to every single person looking to better their lives.
Skyler Christensen, Owner of Zoetic NRG
David Essuman, Broker/Owner of Havoya Real Estate
I have had the privilege of working with Trevor Maddux for over a decade and one thing is for sure—his sale training is the best I have seen! Not solely because of the principles and technique he teaches, but because of his implementation of them! He has surpassed countless sales records because of his ability to hone his sales skills to become a master salesman!
I have known Trevor Maddux for over a decade. He has always been a source of inspiration, motivation, and reason. Before I ever had the opportunity of working with Trevor, I would go to him for advice on best practices. He always would share knowledge with me without asking anything in return or be bothered by my inquiries. He has proven himself to be a person of integrity, with the Goal to do what is right and not be right. In working with Trevor, it was a continuous education of best practices for success in the field of sales, organization and work ethic.. Some of the most valuable methods I have learned and am still working to perfect have come by his example. 

Trevor Maddux has a sound mind and it a moral person, I am grateful to know him. 
Ramsay Henderson, Director of International Business Development at Noke
Brandon Kelly, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and CEO Coach
I have had the opportunity to learn and apply multiple techniques from the great Trevor J. Maddux, CEO of 6+ companies for two years. Trevor is a visionary leader that not only leads from the front but leads through his example and commitment to the project. His talents encompass training, sells, leadership, setting record level goals-and achieving them, creating new business opportunities, and taking new products to market rapidly to name a few.

Trevor’s insight has led to multiple billion-dollar industries, and the techniques he employs are customer driven. One of his truly distinguished skills is ability to help individuals and organizations dial down directly to their goals while he creates an effective game plan to achieve it quickly. He has a unique way of helping teams grow, and at the same time he helps the customer understand exactly how they can improve their lives through his products. He thrives in helping everyone create a win- win solution and seeing all of the potential possibilities in every situation.

If you are given the chance to be coached by, work with, or on a project with Trevor, do what ever it takes to get on board! Your future success will thank you and the results will be 20-fold over your investment-at least it was for me!
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